Master Class

Rapid Prototyping in XR

Step-by-step, you will learn how to create scalable Unity-based VR prototypes for your company.

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New to VR/AR?

The curriculum is built for all levels of technical know-how, friendly to newcomers, with an additional track for advanced developers.

You’re not alone

Bring a colleague or get matched with a fellow participant (developer or designer) to build the best prototype together.

Who is it for?

Track 1: Project Managers, Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts, ...
Track 2: VR/AR Developers

Start Date

January 18th, 2021
4 week course
Every week: 90 min. live lecture + 90min. mentorship session

The benefits of VR Protoyping

Simplify training mechanisms with VR applications and save 33% in traditional training costs.

Accelerate onboarding processes with 50% reduction in training time with VR Training Applications.

Complete the master class with a work ready VR Prototype tailored to your business needs.

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Christian Mai is a Solution Engineer with 8 years of VR systems development experience. His mission is to enable everyone to work with VR in their daily business. Christian has worked for a broad range of automotive companies such as BMW complemented by strong academic credentials (LMU) and publications in renown magazines.

Guest Lecturers:

Malte Hedemann, Business Lead Digital Realities Team, Volkswagen

Chris Koomen, Product Owner Virtual Reality, Digital Transformation, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Curriculum & Course Structure

Learning Objective: Go From Idea to an Enterprise Level Working VR Prototype


  • Beginner Friendly for subject matter experts
  • One VR headset per team (Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift etc)
  • One VR-ready PC per team


100% Remote. Students can participate from anywhere, depending on their time zone and schedules.

Week 1: Dive into your tools, and build your foundation

Welcome to class! This week you’ll get to know all the tools needed for great VR training applications. By the end of this week, you’ll be able to set up a Unity template project you can use on any future VR training apps you work on. This is the foundation we’ll build on together leading into your 2nd week.

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Week 2: Build your first basic training workflow

What good is a prototype if it doesn’t apply to your immediate work case? This week you’ll create a basic training workflow based on your company’s unique processes using your new knowledge of best practices and VR training techniques. We’ll continue to build on your basic training workflow in your 3rd week.

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Week 3: Make your workflow even more advanced

Now that your basic workflow is ready to go, we’re going to turn up the heat and make it more completely meet the needs of your work case. Your basic workflow is now an advanced workflow! But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this! You’ll be matched with a developer this week to help implement these additional, more complex features for your prototype which you’ll polish in your 4th week.

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Week 4: Review, Iterate, and Finalize

Bring your now advanced prototype through the last stages of its production cycle. You’ll do some final assembly using the pieces your developer partner delivered, you’ll go over feedback together, iterate on any needed changes, and finish your advanced work ready prototype with all the knowledge and skills needed to rework the prototype for future work cases.

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Course Essentials

Build a Proof of Concept

The project you will create is an industry ready VR program, which will open doors when pitching new projects or applying for cross-industry VR positions. Show your VR prototype to your colleagues, digitize your department or create more prototypes for enterprise clients.

No Coding Prerequisites

During the class, you will be matched with either a developer or project manager to complete the most complex XR application requirements. Learn XR project management or development, and how to best communicate project requirements across your team efficiently.

Fast Track to Expert Knowledge

Arm yourself with hard-earned expertise delivered by top-tier industry professionals. During Lectures and Mentorship sessions, your instructors will share lessons-learned, tips and tricks of successful VR application roll-outs.

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Access to Industry Guest Lectures

Behind the Scenes: Building Instinctual Interactions on HoloLens 2. XR Bootcamp Open Lecture with Julia Schwarz, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft Hololens.

Behind the Scenes with Magic Leap: Designing Gesture Interaction for XR Copresence – Karen Stolzenberg (Lead Interaction Designer) and Savannah Niles (Lead Product Manger).

Behind the Scenes with Ultraleap: Lessons Learned. J. Selstad (Principle Software Engineer), C. Wren (Global Applications Team Lead, Ultraleap), H. Limerick (User Research/Insights Lead)

Create Rapid VR Prototypes for your Company

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