As AR remote support applications are becoming a must-have across many industry sectors, AR SDK familiarity is now an extremely sought-after skill for developers. Knowing how to build an AR remote support app and being able to clearly demonstrate it will guarantee you a head start in the industry!

Terry Schusssler
Senior Director Spatial Computing, Deutsche Telekom

Master Class

Design and Build Your First Mobile AR App

Create an enterprise-level working prototype of an AR Remote Support Application


UX knowledge
No coding skills required

Class Duration

5 weeks project based learning
Weekly lectures and mentorship
Additional coworking sessions

Who is it for?

App Developers and UX Designers
Project Managers and Developers

Start Date

15th of March, 2021

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Code and Design an AR Remote Support Application

In this Deep Dive Project we will focus on the creation of a Mobile Augmented Reality app providing a remote assistance solution for field engineers. Additionally, you will learn about the risks and challenges inherent in enterprise AR projects.

From the fundamentals of MAR (Mobile Augmented Reality) and their applicability to enterprise products, to prototyping for mobile AR using Adobe Aero and wiARframe – you will become familiar with the most important principles of environmental design. You will learn the tools and techniques necessary to carry out an enterprise project from inception through delivery, as an agile UX designer, project manager or developer. Additionally, you will learn how to adapt into a comprehensive enterprise AR project.

Meet Your Instructors

Our trainers, Shiva Mohßeni and Alexander Menakhin, share a demonstrated history of working in AR Remote Support. Shiva is a UX designer with hands-on knowledge about Web VR and AR. Shiva has a degree in Digital Media from University of Bremen and works as a XR, Screen and HMI designer at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH. Alexander has a background in Information Technology and works as Team Lead AR Assisted Maintenance at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH.

The course will also host a guest lecturer: Terry R. Schlusser, the Senior Director of Spatial Computing at Deutsche Telekom and XR Bootcamp Advisory Board member.

Curriculum & Course Structure

Learning Objective: From Idea to an Enterprise Level Working Prototype of an AR Remote Support App


Overall UX Knowledge


Remote. Students can participate from anywhere, depending on their time zone and schedules.


The course fee starts at 2000 USD

Week 1: UX Pattern and Storytelling for Mobile AR

  • UX Pattern: Content, Affordances, Interactions, Spatial Design
  • Creating 2D/3D assets, Mobile AR Prototyping

Week 2: Creation of UI assets

  • Corporate Design, Breakpoints and Responsive Design
  • Design hi-fid in Adobe Photoshop/ Unity3D

Week 3: UI building in Unity3D

  • Importing assets, UI Canvas & Responsiveness
  • Lean Localization, View Management and User Interaction
  • Entire UI creation directly in Unity3D

Week 4: Handheld AR in Unity3D: ARCore and ARKit

  • Differences between handheld and HMD-based AR
  • Overview of existing products with Handheld AR in Unity3D

Week 5: Finalizing Holographic Annotations Feature

  • Creating/Finding 3D asset for annotations
  • Change the color and occlusion mode of a 3D mode, Create color picker
  • Ways to implement Memento pattern

The Essentials

Mentorship Sessions

Through our weekly Mentorship Sessions you will get the chance to ask all the questions you may have. You will receive actionable feedback on how to improve your skills and hit your weekly milestones on the AR remote support app.

Project based Learning

We can't stress it enough – in the fast-paced world of AR and VR, project-based learning is the best way to go from Zero to Hero. Through Live Lectures and Mentorship Sessions, we will focus on honing your understanding and technical skills.

Networking and Teamwork

Connect with your project team daily. Get to know each team member during our weekly hangouts. Support each other, meet new Colleagues or Co-founders for your next startup!

Enterprise Portfolio Project

The project you will create is an industry state-of-the-art AR project which could open doors for you and which will make you eligible to apply for Augmented Reality Tech positions.

No Prerequisites

You don't need to own a VR/AR headset to participate in this Class. The mobile application you will develop can run on your smartphone. Additionally, your application will also run on any AR headset on the market (Magic Leap, Hololens, etc..).

In-VR Pitch Event

At the end of the program, it's time for you to celebrate and shine! You and your Classmates will attend a VR Pitch Party and showcase your portfolio piece to a group of industry representatives.

Your Deep Dive Journey


XR 101 - Prerequisites Check-Up

In XR 101, we will get you up to speed with your future Classmates. Depending on your existing coding skills, we'll assign you free online course material to complete before you can participate in the Deep Dive. You'll be paired with a Mentor who will assess your skills and support you on your journey to the Deep Dive Master Class.

The Project Deep Dive

In the Deep Dive Project creation class, you'll attend Lectures 2-3 times per week. Once a week, you'll meet with your Mentor to discuss project progress and questions. On Fridays, we will meet in an open hangout to connect and socialize with Trainers, Mentors and Classmates. By the end of the 5-to-7-week program, you will have learned how to create an industry-proven portfolio project!

Final #inVR Pitch and Career Services

At the end of the program, it's time for you to celebrate and shine! You and your Classmates will attend a VR Pitch Party and showcase your Portfolio piece to a group of recruiters and industry representatives. Our Career Mentors will support you in presenting your Portfolio and applying to next-level jobs!
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