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Design of AR Remote Support Application

In this project deep dive, we focus on the creation of a Mobile Augmented Reality app which provides solutions for the field industry. From fundamentals of MAR (Mobile Augmented Reality) and how to apply them to enterprise products, to prototyping for mobile AR using Adobe Aero and wiARframe. You will get familiar with important principles such as environmental design. You will learn the tools and techniques to carry on an enterprise project as an agile UX designer, from initiation through closing. Additionally, you will learn how to adapt into a comprehensive enterprise AR project.

June 1 – July 12

3 different time slots are available to accommodate for different time zones.

9:00-10:30 AM
Mondays, Wednesdays
9:00-10:30 AM
Mondays, Wednesdays
State of the Art Interaction Design Course

Are you working on the future of user interfaces and experiences?

In this course you will

  • Design a Repair-Room to interact and dismantle a machine and its components using different interaction systems.
  • Implement different controls using different ways to move and rotate components.
  • You will learn how to show contextual information based on what you interact with.
  • Discover the secrets how to build a responsive and interactive holographic user interface for your hands.
  • You will build a fully controlled arm by understanding the secrets of inverse kinematics.
  • You will also implement fully physics-based components like joysticks, levers and buttons with basic hand physics interaction to use them to control the robotic arm.
Inquire Curriculum

Curriculum & Course Structure

Learning objective: From Idea to an Enterprise Level Working Prototype of an AR Remote Support App

Admission is highly competitive and designed for intermediate-to-expert-level VR developers.


  • Overall knowledge about UX


Remote. Students can be based anywhere globally.

Inquire Curriculum

Week 1: UX Pattern and Storytelling for Mobile AR

  • UX Pattern: Content, Affordances, Interactions, Spatial Design
  • Creating 2D/3D assets, Mobile AR Prototyping

Week 2: Creation of UI assets

  • Corporate Design, Breakpoints and Responsive Design
  • Design hi-fid in PS/XD

Week 3: UI building in Unity

  • Importing assets, UI Canvas & Responsiveness
  • Lean Localization, View Management and User Interaction

Week 4: Handheld AR in Unity: ARCore and ARKit

  • Differences between handheld and HMD-based AR
  • Overview of existing products with Handheld AR in Unity

Week 5: Finalizing Holographic Annotations Feature

  • Creating/Finding 3D asset for annotations
  • Change the color and occlusion mode of a 3D mode, Create color picker
  • Ways to implement Memento pattern

Meet Your Instructors

Key Benefits

Guided Mentorship

The course provides you with guided step by step mentorship sessions not only from our Mentors Shiva and Alexander, but also receive Guest lecture from Terry R. Schlusser, the Senior Director of Spatial Computing. Getting training from the best in the field would help to improve implementation skills.

Access to amazing skill assessment Assignments

With the lectures and mentorship sessions, you also get a chance to assess and evolve your skills through assignments, well structured to monitor your growth with each passing week. This would prepare you for the Graduation Project Pitch and help you become certified in AR Remote Support.

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Do I need a headset or any special equipment to successfully complete all the assignments?

You do not need a headset, just an ARCore or ARKit capable smartphone. If you have an iPhone, you also need access to a MacOS computer and have basic knowledge of how to build and deploy apps to your iPhone.


ARCore capable devices: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices#android_play


ARKit capable devices: 

  • iPhone 6, SE or newer
  • iPad (2017) or newer
  • iPad Pro (all)

Do I need any coding skills?

Yes, you will need some basic coding skills in C# and some beginner-level experience in Unity development. If you never tried it before and still want to join the course, that’s great news! Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you take some time in advance to play with the beginner tutorials and try to build and deploy some sample projects to your iOS or Android device.

Do I need any special software on my computer?

Yes, you will need the following software:

  • Unity (Personal, Plus or Pro) 2019.2.21f with Android or iOS build support
  • C# IDE (Visual Studio or Rider)
  • Adobe XD
  • Torch/wiARframe

What will the project result look like?

If you successfully completed all the assignments, you will have your own AR remote support prototype with industry standard UI and UX documentation, also capable of setting holographic annotations to real physical objects that you can use as a part of your portfolio for the future employers. The prototype is not meant to include real audio/video calling or any other network-related functionality.

Are there any prerequisites to take the course?

Prerequisites to take this course are:

  • Unity Engine experience
  • Programming experience (C#)
  • Basic understanding of PhysX (unity’s physics engine)
  • Access to a headset with controllers (preferentially Oculus)
  • Access to Oculus Quest for hand tracking optional exercise

Can I participate as a group/company?

This workshop is only for individual sign-up. Please don’t share your access with other people so that we can make sure to be able to give workshops again in the future. Please contact us under hello@xrbootcamp.com for corporate workshops or group discounts.

Will I get to know the others from my class?

As in all our online classes, you will get to know your classmates. We organize social breaks, team meetings and gettogethers for everyone to get to know each other and build a great new network!

How much is the class?

Please see the full pricing on our eventbrite page. Depending from where you participate, your VAT charge may change. http://www.xrbootcamp.eventbrite.com

Will I learn how to build an application?

Yes, we will build a robotics arm lab that you can use as a portfolio project to showcase to future employers and the community.

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Will I be able to ask questions to the trainers?

Yes, after every lecture, there is scheduled time for Q&A. You can submit your questions at any time before or during the course in the chat window. We will make sure to answer a maximum number of questions from participants as time allows. In the mentorship hours, you will get individual mentorship from technical experts to go over your implementation questions in detail.

Do I need special equipment to participate in the course?

Yes, you will need access to a headset with controllers (preferentially Oculus). Oculus Quest access is optional.

V.I.R.A.L. Project Course

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Application Deadline: May 20

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