This is a unique opportunity for training designers and programmers to learn how to collaborate and create powerful real industry VR training apps in no time.
Innoactive’s technology enabled 10.000 employees to be trained with VR at the Volkswagen Group, and we are working with many more companies to achieve similar results.

Daniel Seidl
CEO, Innoactive

Master Class

Create Process-based VR Training Simulations

Learn how to create the most adopted VR Training simulations in use at automotive and manufacturing companies worldwide.


Track 1: Unity basics and editor (scripts), the basics of C#, concepts of C# generics and iterators.
Track 2: No prerequisites

Start Date

1st of September 2020

For whom ?

Track 1: VR Developers
Track 2: Project Managers or Designers

Class Duration

4 weeks
4 live sessions, 4 hours per session
self study and assignments

Inquire Curriculum

Learn to create the most adopted VR Training simulation in use at automotive and manufacturing companies worldwide

This training project comes from a logistics process from the automotive industry, where trainees interact with a touch screen monitor, and pack-objects to supply assembly lines; this scenario requires VR because of the human-machine interactions that are hard to simulate in other environments than on-the-job.

Deep Dive – VR Training Simulations 

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