About XR Bootcamp

Where is XR Bootcamp located?

We are in the heart of Berlin, easily accessible by public transport and close to many cool and typical Berlin bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Come visit and get to know us in person!

Why should I choose XR Bootcamp?

XR Bootcamp will give you a competitive edge! You will build a VR and AR portfolio with Unity, the most known engine for VR/AR development. VR/AR skills give you access to the most exciting job opportunities building the digital worlds of the future and shaping a new media from the beginning. Watch this Ted talk to get inspired:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi97-DAcGMk


How did you build the VR/AR Bootcamp Curriculum?

Our board of advisors was carefully selected from leading companies using VR/AR to advise on which skills are most needed for their VR/AR departments not only now, but also looking at future developments. We also analyzed Full Stack Development curricula to include all coding languages that are needed to succeed in VR/AR Developer positions.

How much do I need to prepare to join the XR Bootcamp?

We do require you to study some basics before the offline bootcamps starts to get everyone on a level playing field – that means, if you already have some previous coding knowledge you won’t have to do so much – however, if you really never coded before, you’ll have to spend some hours to prepare to quickly get up to speed in the bootcamp.

How does a typical day look like as an XR Bootcamp student?

09:30 AM Check in and Coffee with Classmates

10:00 AM Day starts with a lecture on critical concepts you’ll need throughout the day

11:00 AM Teamwork on a practical application on the concepts that has just been learned

01:00 PM Lunch with classmates

02:00 PM Continued Teamwork – Mentors walking around to help groups succeed, add

further challenges, and hand out VR/AR equipment for testing

06:00 PM End of Teamwork – Students to leave campus, meet up for dinner, do homework

and readings to prepare for the next day

What will I have learned at the end of the XR Bootcamp?

You will have learned to use the VR and AR engine Unity. Coding Languages taught are C# needed to use Unity. We will also teach you how to learn additional coding languages on your own, so that you can add more complex languages to your toolset mastery even after the bootcamp.

Hard skills are the clear focus of the XR Bootcamp, however, we also think it is important that you learn how to network, build and work in teams, lead teams, and think logically.

Admissions and Procedural

Who are the other students?

We accept and are excited about VR/AR enthusiasts from the most diverse backgrounds – be it artists and 3D Designers who want to be able to fully design in VR/AR – be it engineers who need to convert and work with CAD models in VR for prototyping – be it business students who feel they need to upgrade their skill set to found a VR/AR startup.

I don't have any technical background, is this the right program for me?

Yes, if you are motivated and passionate to start a career in VR/AR, this is the right bootcamp for you. However, to get on a level playing field, you will have to plan in one month full time to learn the basics of coding before the bootcamp starts. We are committed to welcome students from the most diverse environments – so join us on this exciting way!

What are the two steps of the application process all about?

First of all, please apply timely and at least 6 weeks before the start of the program so that you have time to prepare for the interviews and pass them.


In the first call, we want to know all about your motivation and why you want to join the XR Bootcamp. What for you would be an exciting VR/AR application? Why XR and not Data Science? And overall, what is your working and learning style – how do you think does a bootcamp compare to your university or school experiences?


In the second call, we will test your technical and learning skill. After giving you a small chapter of a coding class material that you will have to prepare on your own – we will, like in a professional coding interview, give you an easy challenge that you will need to solve on your own.


Afterwards, we will get back to you in less than 5 days with a response to your application. If positive, the next step is to pay the first months of the bootcamp and the admissions fee.


Is there a way to get a refund?

We do offer refunds minus the administration fee, if you decide to quit the program before week 2 of the Bootcamp has started.

What is included in the tuition?

Included is the full 3 months full time or 6 months part time program, personal mentoring hours, access to the VR/AR lab and afterstudy networking events. After the program, we also offer you a career counsellor who will help you along the way to find your dream job.

Not included: Accomodation. However, if you need accommodation, we can support you to find one Just email us for more details!

After the Bootcamp

Do I have access to XR Bootcamp services after the bootcamp?

Our career counselor will meet with you to discuss which of the internal job openings from our enterprise partners may be a good fit for you. That will quickly get you an interview and up to speed with the job hunt. You will also be part of our slack community and until 6 months after the bootcamp our career counselor will support you on your job hunt. We are also inviting our community to after study events, with free beer and the opportunity to network!

For further questions, just email us at info@xrbootcamp.com