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Interaction Design and Hand Tracking


Workshop, Online, 3rd of October 2020

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State of the Art Interaction Design Principles


In this workshop you will learn the different aspects of VR/AR interaction design that you need to know to create the most immersive experiences.

By participating in this workshop, you will save hundreds of hours of experimentation time. Your instructors will share their lessons learned of over two years of experimentation and hundreds of iterations with interactive UI, physics-based interactions and hand tracking input.

During the full day workshop, the instructors will highlight the most important aspects you need to consider when designing interfaces from a first concept to working prototype. You will learn different design perspectives to design a fully functional and responsive interface that not only engages the user, but results in an impactful, satisfying and immersive experience.

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Develop a future-ready mindset!

Learn to think like the masters of interaction design. Understand the key concepts of how our brain perceives the world and how to take advantage of it to build immersive experiences.

Save 1000+ hours of experimentation time

Your instructors have spent 100+ iterations on their projects and will teach you what are the most important things to consider

Bring your own project (BYOP)

Accelerate your hand tracking project development by sharing your project with our instructors, get actionable feedback, and speed up your interaction design process. Apply for the byop in the application form to have the masters of interaction design use your project as a case study in the workshop!

Access to the recording of the webinar

The webinar is recorded and you will get a personal link to review it later. Furthermore, you will have a special discount for the upcoming lectures of Dennys and Roger.

Meet Your Instructors

The Swiss ETH graduates Roger Kung and Dennys Kuhnert are fascinated by the endless opportunities in VR since 2018. Founders of Holonautic, a next gen VR studio, they have a team of 7 employees working with them on the game Holoception, available on Steam. Both of them bring diverse expertise to the table. Roger has a degree in Economics, Life Sciences and Computer Science, while Dennys, after a degree in Neuroengineering and Biotech specialized in Spatial Computing early on. Both of them are eager to go beyond the current standards of VR and build the future of spatial computing. They are the creators of the famous hand physics lab, one of the most downloaded games on sidequest! Dennys and Roger are keen on sharing their knowledge with you!

Key Takeaways

Evolution of VR

Learn a brief history of the advancements in VR and how it impacts your design decisions and mindset.

Spatial Computing Mindset

Learn how to best approach a completely new medium and how the design approaches differ to other platforms.

Think out-of-the-box, literally

Learn how to design intuitive and responsive UI/UX in VR and take advantage of 6DOF.

Your Mind Makes it Real - Neuroscience

Discover key aspects of how your brain perceives the world and how to trick the brain to limit motion sickness.

Kinematics vs Physics

Understand the main differences between kinematic (“passive”) versus physics-based (“dynamic”) interaction.

Physics in VR

Improving Interaction Experiences using Inverse kinematics to simulate physical presence.

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Are there any prerequisites to take the workshop?

This course is open to everyone interested in learning interaction design.

However, it is recommended that you have already worked on VR/AR projects or game engines before to benefit most from the course.

  • Spatial Designers: striving to push the boundaries of interaction design and UX.
  • UI/UX, Product, App, Frontend Designers: passionate about learning more about the design of spatial environments.
  • 3D Engine Developers: motivated to learn physics-based interactions

Can I participate as a group/company?

This workshop is only for individual sign-up. Please don’t share your access with other people so that we can make sure to be able to give workshops again in the future. Please contact us under for corporate workshops or group discounts.

Will I get to know the others from my class?

As in all our online classes, you will get to know your classmates. We organize social breaks for everyone to get to know each other and build a great new network!

How much is the class?

Please see the full pricing on our eventbrite page. Depending from where you participate, your VAT charge may change.

Will I learn how to build an application?

No, this is not a hands-on course. After the Immersive Interaction Workshop, XR Bootcamp offers a 7 weeks deep-dive session where you can co-create your own portfolio project alongside Roger and Dennys! Fill this form to receive the invitation.

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Will I be able to ask questions to the trainers?

You can submit your questions at any time before or during the course in the chat window. We will make sure to answer a maximum number of questions from participants as time allows.

Do I need special equipment to participate in the workshop?

No, this is not a hands-on class. You will only need a working PC/Laptop to watch the workshop and ask your questions!

Hand-tracking and Interaction Design Workshop

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