The Art of Rendering

Rendering Optimization


Workshop, Online & On-demand


What You Will Learn


Game engine knowledge (Unity or Unreal)

Who is it for?

VR, AR, Game application developers


Successful Participants receive a Real-Time-Rendering Optimization Expert Certificate

Module 1: Introduction to Software Components

  • Introduction to Rendering, Need for optimization and Terminologies
  • Understanding Game Engines architecture.

Module 2: Introduction to Hardware Components

  • VR and AR hardware overview.
  • Importance of GPU and it’s role in computation.
  • Components required for rendering a frame.

Module 3: Graphics pipeline optimization

  • Types of pipelines (Forward, deferred) in rendering.
  • What is rasterization and raytracing
  • How does information flow in Stereo Rendering.
  • How to solvers affect performance ( hair, animation, cloth)
  • Why is tiled rendering important ?
  • Why do different types of buffers exist ( Z-Buffer, stencil buffer)

Module 4: Different approaches for Profiling a scene.

  • Measuring Performance and having a strategy
  • Frame debugging methods (Intel Graphics Analyser, Render doc, Unity profiler, Unreal profiler) that are common in industry.
  • Making sense of all the data (thermal, Resource usage, GPU)

Module 5: Scene Optimization for better performance.

  • Optimization of Assets – 3d models, Particles, geometry optimization, LODs, Instancing, Materials, Reduce draw calls
  • Optimization of Lights – Static/Dynamic, lighting, baking, types of culling.
  • Optimization of Textures – Multipass shaders, blend modes, UI Optimization, mip maps.
  • Optimization of Effects –  GPU particles, shaders
  • Audio optimization tips

Standalone XR Bonus Module

  • Hardware limitations of XR devices, Stereo Setup
  • Stereo optimization workflow, GPU Instancing, Render Queue
  • Cloud rendering optimizations
Vivek Reddy, Lion King, Destiny

Meet Your Instructor

Notably known for merging Art and technology, Vivek has been working with filmmakers to bring them their complex thoughts to life. With a background in film-making, electronics, and Computer Science he has contributed to numerous films during production and post-production. With a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Vivek is an active advocate of making art using technology and has been heading a lecture series called “Engineering behind Hollywood.” He is known as the rendering mastermind behind The Lion King, Destiny and many VR/AR titles.


Understand the foundations and learn to solve problems.

Learn to think like the masters of rendering optimization. Understand the key foundations of rendering, learn the standard industry practices and enable smooth experiences for higher frame rates and better utilization of resources.

Save 100+ hours of research and experimentation time

Your instructors have worked on 100+ iterations on their own projects and will teach you what are the most important things to consider to reduce unnecessary production time. Save yourself hundreds of hours of outdated conference lectures and youtube research.

Bring your own project (BYOP)

Accelerate your project development by sharing your project with our instructors, get actionable, fast and direct feedback, and speed up your rendering process. This one on one consultancy is available with the BYOP option.

Access to the recording of the webinar

After the workshop, you’ll receive a personal link to the video recording, and you’ll also receive a special discount for other upcoming lectures with Vivek Reddy.

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Are there any prerequisites to take the workshop?

This workshop is open to everyone interested in learning rendering optimization. However, it is recommended that you have already worked on VR/AR projects or game engines before to benefit most from the course. Specifically, this course makes sense if you are a VR, AR or game application developer.

Can I participate as a group/company?

This workshop is only for individual sign-up. Please contact us under for corporate workshops or group discounts.

Is this a practical hands-on class?

No, this is not a hands-on workshop. After the Principles workshop, XR Bootcamp offers a deep-dive Master Class for those who would like to co-create their own rendering portfolio project alongside Vivek!

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Do I need special equipment to participate in the workshop?

No, you will only need a working PC/Laptop to watch the workshop and ask your questions!

Rendering Optimization Principles

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