This is a unique opportunity for Designers and Programmers to learn how to collaborate and create powerful real industry VR prototypes in no time.
Daniel Seidl

Daniel Seidl
CEO, Innoactive
Apply Your Learnings to any project if you are working on any of these platforms

Master Class

Rendering Optimization

Reduce rendering time, master lighting, geometry, texture optimizations and rendering pipelines for smooth performance. Learn professional techniques for creating high-fidelity visuals without taking a hit to performance.

Course Content

Step-by-step, you will learn how to render and optimize your VR experience

Start Date

March 2021
90 min. live lecture, 90min. mentorship per week

Who is it for?

VR, AR, Game and Enterprise application developers

Class Duration

In 6 weeks only, you will learn how to optimize a nightmare 1fps scenario to run smooth at high fps!

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Industry Expertise

Fast-track your skills

Arm yourself with hard-earned expertise delivered by top-tier training industry professionals. During Lectures and exclusive Mentorship sessions, they will share lessons-learned, tips and secrets of successful VR application roll-outs.

Rapid Development

Create. Iterate. Reuse.

The project you will create is an industry state-of-the-art prototype which could open doors for you and which will make you eligible to apply for cross-industry VR prototyping positions.

VR Project Management

Team up with a Designer

During the class, you will be matched with a fellow developer to complete the most complex VR application requirements. You will learn VR project management and how to communicate your requirements to developer teams efficiently.

Meet Your Instructors

Notably known for merging Art and technology, Vivek has been working with filmmakers to bring them their complex thoughts to life. With a background in film-making, electronics, and Computer Science he has contributed to numerous films during production and post-production. With a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Vivek is an active advocate of making art using technology and has been heading a lecture series called “Engineering behind Hollywood.” He is known as the rendering mastermind behind The Lion King, Destiny and many VR/AR titles.

Curriculum & Course Structure

Learning Objective: From 1fps to optimized scenario


One VR-ready PC per one or two participants;

One VR headset per computer (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift etc)


Remote. Students can participate from anywhere, depending on their time zone and schedules.


The Essentials

Mentorship Sessions

In the mentorship sessions, you get the chance to ask all the questions you may have. You will get actionable feedback on how to improve your skills and hit your weekly milestones.

Project based Learning

Project-based learning is the best way to go from zero to infinity in the fast-paced world of VR. In the live lectures and mentorship hours, we will focus on honing your technical skills.

Teamwork and Coworking

Match with a developer and learn how to communicate tech requirements. Work as a team. Support each other and find your next colleague or startup cofounders.

Enterprise Portfolio Project

The project you will create is a top industry level VR training program, which will open doors for you. Show your training app to your colleagues and digitize your department or create VR trainings for enterprise clients.

No Prerequisites

You don't need to know coding or Unity to participate in this class. A VR headset is useful to try and experience your training app. Let us know if you need a headset, we can support you with an affordable solution.

Industry Exposure

At the end of the program, it's time to celebrate and shine! You and your classmates will attend a VR pitch event and showcase your portfolio piece to a group of industry representatives.

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Access to Industry Guest Lectures

Behind the Scenes: Building Instinctual Interactions on HoloLens 2. XR Bootcamp Open Lecture with Julia Schwarz, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft Hololens.

Behind the Scenes with Magic Leap: Designing Gesture Interaction for XR Copresence – Karen Stolzenberg (Lead Interaction Designer) and Savannah Niles (Lead Product Manger).

Behind the Scenes with Ultraleap: Lessons Learned. J. Selstad (Principle Software Engineer), C. Wren (Global Applications Team Lead, Ultraleap), H. Limerick (User Research/Insights Lead)

Rendering Optimization Deep Dive

Application Window open

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