This Could Be Your Portfolio

Hand Tracking Expert 5:29

Become a hand tracking and immersive interaction design expert with this 8 weeks master class!

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The Remote Meeting Assistant 3:20

Learn to create an enterprise-grade augmented reality solution for remote assistance and support.

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Process-based VR Training Simulations 6:45

Learn to create a custom VR training simulator like those used by automotive and manufacturing companies worldwide.

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Your Deep Dive Journey


XR 101 - Prerequisites Check Up

In XR 101, we get you up to speed with your future classmates. Depending on your existing coding skills, we'll assign you free online course material to complete before you can participate in the Deep Dive. You'll be paired with a mentor who assesses your skills and supports you on your journey to the Deep Dive Master Class.

The Project Deep Dive

In the deep dive project creation class, you'll attend lectures 2-3 times per week. Once a week, you'll meet with your mentor to discuss project progress and questions. On Fridays, we will meet in an open hangout to connect and socialize with trainers, mentors, and classmates. By the end of the 5-to-7-week program, you'll have learned how to create an industry-proven portfolio project!

Final #inVR Pitch and Career Services

At the end of the program, it's time to celebrate and shine! You and your classmates will attend a VR pitch party and showcase your portfolio piece to a group of recruiters and industry representatives. Our career mentors will support you on presenting your portfolio and applying to next-level jobs.
VR Dreams

The essentials

Live Lectures

2-3 times a week. In each lecture, you can ask all your questions and get real-time feedback.

Hand-picked Instructors

XR Bootcamp trainers are top professionals in the field of VR interactive design. They assess your work with your career in mind.

1-on-1 mentoring

There are no stupid questions. In your individual session with your mentor, you get to ask everything that holds you back.

Close-Knit Community

Connect with your project team daily. Get to know each team member during our weekly hangouts. Support each other and find your next colleague or startup cofounders.

Project-Based Learning

We can't say it enough – project-based learning is the best way to go from zero to infinity in the fast-paced world of VR.

Alumni Network

Everyone gets connected in our private Discord channel. Stay in touch with your trainers, team, and the growing student community. Share opportunities and get job offers and referrals.

Deep Dive Course

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