VR/AR Development


The program will teach everything you need to create intuitive content and develop immersive applications in VR/AR.The Curriculum has been designed with one focus in mind – giving our students the best expertise to work for major industry players. If you’re an artist, designer or architect who’s interested in how you can expand your creative skills, or a computer programmer looking to work on creative applications, you will find this course extremely useful. 

“ It is coming, whether people believe it or not. It really is. And it’s gonna be ubiquitous in companies. So take the knowledge that you have, look at things that immersive technology can do to improve the type of business you are in.”

Amy Peck
CEO Director of Enterprise Content at HTC Vive

Why Study at XR Bootcamp?

Hardware Access

On campus, you will work in our VR lab and have access to the industry leading VR and AR equipments, varying from Oculus Quest, to HTC Vive, to Magic Leap, to Microsoft Hololens 2

Outcome Focused

Our network of employers are ready to hire XR Bootcamp graduates. Graduates get portfolio and career mentorship as well as access to personalized matchmaking events

Global Network

Join our global network of XR Bootcamp graduates and employers. Take advantage of lifelong community based support and networking opportunities and excel in your career

Our Instructors

Alexandros Emexezidis

Alexandros Emexezidis

VR/AR Trainer, XR Bootcamp

Evangelos Alexandros Eftaxopoulos

Evangelos Eftaxopoulos

VR/AR Trainer, XR Bootcamp

Develop your Personal Project

Get Ready to develop your personal project based on the industry leading real time engine Unity 3D. Work with the latest XR industry tools. Export your final project to multiple platforms.

Tuition and Duration

Duration: 12 weeks (8 hours per day)

Price: € 8000 

Factory Görlitzer Park

We are offering our students a comfortable working environment in a vibrant community of artists, freelancers, startups and large corporates.

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Visa & Accommodation

Let us know if you need support with Visa and accommodation. For an additional fee, we will support you with a room or apartment according to your budget.

It’s actually pretty interesting to have the opportunity to work on this type of
technology in such a short time as well. Being able to improve your knowledge on the
tech by doing this for 3 months,

Harriet BartlettHead of Community Relations, Laval Virtual

It’s a good time, especially if you’re technically skilled or have a domain experience; somebody in healthcare, or in art, or in simulation engineering can rapidly adapt to this new technology and have a big impact.

Stephen Max PetersenPresident, Grassroots Developer Education

We´re waiting for that killer application to really kind of push the industry forward. I think, if we collaborate and we´re able to kind of build communities, this technology will scale very rapidly.

Dan BurgarPresident VRAR Association, Top 40 Under 40

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