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Democratizing VR/AR since 2016

Over the last three years, the VR First consortium members HTC, Intel, LeapMotion, Oculus and many educational software companies, have enabled VR First to built a global network of 900+ universities and 52 VR/AR labs. By donating VR/AR headsets and standardized VR/AR curricula to academic institutions around the globe, VR First has succesfully democratized VR/AR. at the intersection of industry and academia, VR First has seen the needs of the industry and decided to move forward with XR Bootcamp, striving to move the whole XR industry forward, equipping it with the talents they need to develop the most immersive VR/AR content.

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We are currently accepting nominations to our mentor network and board of advisors. You are invited to suggest qualified candidates via the form below. Thank you for your contribution.