XR Design Fellowship

Learn the concepts, frameworks, and tools to design and prototype XR apps and games. 
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Professional Development led by Experts

This course is not about chasing the next credential. Our approach is about teaching the skills you need to make a difference in your organization. Learn from an XR Design expert who has been confronted with your XR Design problems hundreds of times before – and learn from their solutions to typical XR Design challenges.

Case Studies

Through insightful case studies, tailored monthly assignments, and peer collaboration, this fellowship is engineered to advance your design skills to the next level.

Live Lectures

Every month, a big tech expert joins us to teach what he has learned from a recent challenge from his own company. Attention - you may need to sign an NDA!

Cohort of Peers

Cowork together and forge invaluable connections with a global community of XR Designers from the most rapidly expanding XR companies worldwide.


Alongside our trainers, you will work on practical assignments, improve your own XR Design Portfolio, and access actionable frameworks from hard-earned insights from the best in tech.


Our experts have designed and prototyped for Meta, Microsoft, Samsung, or some of the most successful XR apps and games worldwide (Hand Physics Lab, Surgineer, Mash Me Up).


Our live case study-based training provides you with real-time feedback and the opportunity to ask questions from those who are where you want to be. Grow together with your peers.

Taught by the Best in class


Case Study Based Teaching


Focus on Practice not Theory

xr design

Accountability and Pathways


Networking and Peer support


Monthly Live Lectures and Sessions

Why our Fellowship?

Study Real Industry Case Studies

Our unique approach uncovers the most common challenges faced by XR Designers, gathers solutions from leading experts, and breaks them down into repeatable playbooks you can act on.

3d AR VR design
VR Design XR Bootcamp Course

Learn from Renown XR Designers in the Industry

Our trainers have launched and designed the most prominent XR Apps and Games out there.

Prototype and Design with Low-Code Tools

We are teaching the tools all XR Designers are using to implement and communicate their ideas in the easiest and most efficient ways.

3d design vr ar

Meet the Course Designers

Our instructors are XR developers, UX UI experts, and design magicians who have previously worked with Meta Reality Labs, Microsoft, Samsung, and Magic Leap as well as built impressive product designs and VR AR experiences to deliver cutting-edge technology.

VR Design XR Bootcamp Course

Daniel Marqusee

UX, UI, XR Designer at Bezel
Daniel Marqusee is an XR Designer at Bezel. He's also the host of the @marqusee youtube channel, where he explains UI design, UX, web design, visual design, & VR to his >2000 followers.
VR Design XR Bootcamp CourseVR Design XR Bootcamp CourseLinkedIn
VR Design XR Bootcamp Course

Paul Hoover

Head of Design at Shapes XR
Paul Hoover is the Head of Design at ShapesXR. He has previously worked Meta as a Product Designer, and Microsoft as an Interaction Designer.
VR Design XR Bootcamp Coursemeta reality labsmicrosoft VR Design XR Bootcamp Coursesamsung ux ui design
uiuxdesign arvr

Kathy Wang

AR/VR Designer & UX Researcher at Stanford
Kathy is an XR designer & researcher. Her designs were featured at leading XR events, such as SIGGRAPH, SXSW, AWE, VR Awards & MIT Reality Hackathon.
uiuxdesign arvr

Daisy Chen

UX XR Designer & Researcher
Daisy Chen is a UX, XR designer and HCI researcher. She's experienced in XR as a designer & researcher, in VR film, VR collaboration tools, & interactions within XR & tangible interfaces. Her recent project, Limino, investigates the interaction patterns & use cases of passthrough XR.

What is included?

On-Demand Technical Skills Curriculum

Master technical prowess through curated tutorials, paving the way for you to prototype and bring to life your inaugural XR apps and experiences.

Monthly Live Case Studies and Mentorship

The program heart lies in live discussions, hands-on assignments, and portfolio enhancement, empowering you to construct your own robust, personalized portfolio.

The Curriculum

Every month, you have 2 live lessons. First, a live case study, by an established XR Professional, and second a mentorship session to discuss your learnings and assignments.

Module 1

Spatial Design 101 From 2D to 3D

Learn More

Module 2

Concept Ideation and XR Storyboarding

Learn More

Module 3

Building and Navigating the Virtual World
Learn More

Module 4

Designing User Interface for XR Apps

Module 5

Inputs & Lifelike Interactions

Module 6

Blending Realities: Location-based XR Experience

Module 7

Unity 101: XR Environment Set Up and 3D Asset Management

Module 8

Designing Multi-User XR Experience

Module 9

Evaluating and Iterating the XR experience through User Testing

Module 10

Collaborate & Iterate & Test as an XR Designer (Cross Platform)

Module 11

Managing Designers & Devs as a Lead Designer or an XR PM

Module 12

Gen AI and Design - make the most out of newly released tools 

Module 1: Spatial Design 101

Module 1 Mindset Shift: From flat to spatial

Module 1 teaches the core principles of spatial design, the XR design process & creating a visionOS Design Prototype for Apple's VisionPro.

Here's a glimpse into module 1:

  • We dive right into spatial design principles, where our expert will untangle complex concepts into easy-to-understand bites.
  • Gear up for the visionOS design critique session! Selected community members get to present their work and receive feedback straight from the top.
  • The journey continues with a deep-dive into the Design Critique session, focusing on critical elements like Field of View (FOV), Ergonomics, and Depth. This session will cement your understanding of spatial design.
  • Feast your eyes as our guest lecturer unveils the Bezel's visionOS Demo. This showcase will give you a glimpse into the cutting-edge creation in XR design.
Gain Access to Module 1

Module 2: Gaze & Pinch Interactions in Smart Homes

XR Design Case Study, Gaze & Pinch Interactions in Smart Homes, Shapes XR

Module 2 teaches the core principles of spatial design, the XR design process & focuses on ideation to storyboarding

Gain Access to Module 2

Module 3: Environmental Storytelling in the Physical and Virtual Worlds

XR Worldbuilding and Environmental Storytelling, XR, Mighty Coconut

Module 3 of the XR Design Fellowship focused on XR Worldbuilding and Environmental Storytelling. Case Study: Theme Parks in XR!

Gain Access to Module 3

Module 4: Designing Social Experiences in XR

Designing Social Experiences in XR, Multiplayer Tabletop game, ShapesXR

Module 4 of the XR Design Fellowship first focused on analyzing the design of interesting multi-user XR apps to ideate and create a more manageable multi-user XR experience.

Gain Access to Module 4

Module 5: Design for Quest 3 New Features

Designing MR Apps with Quest 3, FitXR

Module 5 teaches you the essential concept of XR and application of Mixed Reality through the lens of fitness.

Gain Access to Module 5

Module 6: Unity 101 For XR Designers

Unity101, XR Designers

Module 6 explores the core set of Unity and the Meta Presence Platform SDK from the designer's perspective.

Gain Access to Module 6

Module 7: The 3D Asset Pipeline for XR Design

3D Assets, XR Prototyping, Master Studio

Module 7 will explore the  basic understanding of the 3D asset pipeline and go over the process of preparing 3D assets for designing and prototyping in XR.

Gain Access to Module 7

Module 8: AI-based Workflows for XR Prototyping

AI, workflow for XR Prototyping, ShapesXR

Module 8 will examine how AI can improve the creative process by going beyond tools and workflows, making XR Creators fast and efficient.

Gain Access to Module 8

A Membership Loaded with Value

  • Original content teaching all the tools you'll need to create prototype designs.
  • First-person insights from instructors' careers, rolled up in live master classes.
  • Real-world examples from our instructors' work with top global brands. Very few courses offer that!
  • A toolbox of practical skills you need to lead in this new era.
VR 3D Design XR Bootcamp Course

Who is this Fellowship for?

  • Anyone seeking to learn the foundations of XR Design and how to work as an XR Professional
  • 2D Designers who want to learn to master 3D Design tools and pioneer the XR Design space
  • XR Professionals who want to go deep into XR Design and Prototyping.
  • Architects interested in using XR to visualize and prototype their projects in a 3D space.
  • Freelance Designers looking to expand their service offerings and stay competitive in the evolving digital design market.
  • Game Designers who want to transition to or incorporate XR experiences into their games
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What Our Alumni are saying

  • “I can't tell you how much XR Bootcamp changed my professional life / goals for business. Your program is amazing!”
    Chrıstıne Hill Hobbi
    Chief Strategist at ServiceAlliances
  • The course is really exciting and fascinating. It feels like we can use everything we learn here extensively in our projects.
    Davıd Martınez-Moreno
    XR Experiential Designer
  • I highly recommend XR Bootcamp for people trying to improve their VR/Unity skills. Their continuously growing list of courses caters to the needs of everyone.
    Uttam Grandhi
    VIrtual RealIty Software Engineer at NYU
  • The Master Class has been a great opportunity to learn from trainers who are doing some of the most interesting and cutting edge interactions possible on consumer VR today. We are regularly sending our developers to XR Bootcamp master classes to learn the latest XR tech stack.
    Matt Newport
    CTO, OssoVR
  • I was doing my work during the day and I could spend my evenings going through a lesson or doing an exercise and so on. I can see myself actually using a lot of this for any of my projects.
    Kevin Tan
    Irland Norway Unıversıty of Applied Sciences
  • I joined because I have had a huge interest in hand tracking and I know it's exactly the future; I knew this technology would also benefit our clients as well in the future. So I'm getting a head start on this technology to benefit our clients coming up.
    Josette Seitz
    XR Engineer at Accenture
  • Your hands' physics just rocks. 
    Diego fernandez-bravo

You will study alongside

meta reality labs
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VR Design XR Bootcamp Course
VR Design XR Bootcamp Course
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CMU VR Design XR Bootcamp Course
VR Design XR Bootcamp Course
VR Design XR Bootcamp Course


  • Aspiring XR Designer: This course will provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to start your journey.
  • Professional designers: For designers working in fields such as graphic design, UI/UX, or animation, this course will expand your skillset and open a potential new career pathway.
  • Game developers: Game developers interested in creating immersive gaming experiences using VR technology will benefit from this course's focus on design principles and prototyping techniques specific to XR.
  • Architects and interior designers: If you're looking to incorporate virtual reality into your design projects for showcasing concepts and ideas to clients, this course will help you understand how to design and prototype those experiences effectively.
  • Educators and trainers: For those involved in education or professional training, learning how to design and prototype VR experiences can enhance your teaching methods and create more engaging learning experiences for your students.
  • VR enthusiasts: If you're simply passionate about virtual reality and want to explore designing and prototyping VR experiences as a hobby, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to turn your ideas into reality.

    No prior experience in VR design or development is required to enroll in the course. We'll cover all the necessary concepts, tools, and techniques from the ground up, ensuring that you develop a strong foundation in VR design and prototyping.
Yes, you can buy this fellowship for your team, and we offer bulk discounts. After the course, your team will have the ability to prototype and design XR experiences.

    Why would your organization benefit from this training?

  • Position your company as pioneer and leader in the XR space. This will open up new opportunities for your organization - especially as our courses are renown for their quality and practicality.
  • Your team will be equipped and knowledgable to create innovative solutions for your internal processes and differentiate you from competitors. The fellowship is case study based, your team will be equipped with advanced knowledge and lessons learned from how competitors are implementing XR.
  • Our courses are always highly collaborative and enhance team work among your team members, as they'll need to communicate and share ideas to create their prototypes and designs.
  • Improve satisfaction of your team: Our courses are highly rated by our alumni - because of the high quality, as well as the high engagement we have on our courses. Participants need to be creative, interactive and achieve learning goals, which increases commitment and motivation of your team.

You can expect to spend a total of 10-15 hours per month, broken down as follows:

  • 1-2 hours of live lectures, featuring a different expert each month
  • up to 3 hours dedicated to a curated tutorial pathway.
  • up to 9 hours for project-based assignments
  • 1-2 hours of group-based live mentorship sessions.

By engaging with this structured format, you will receive a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience.

Your access to the course is tied to your subscription. As long as your subscription remains active, you will be able to continue accessing all of the course materials, including videos, assignments, and the community channels.

We highly recommend familiarizing yourself with Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other technologies discussed in the course. It's difficult to grasp the potential of XR and the prototypes you're creating, if you're not able to try them out yourself! Feel free to ask us about our equipment recommendations.

You will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the 12-months course, submission of all assignments and your portfolio.

You will have access to our trainers through live case study and mentorship sessions where you can receive direct feedback from our trainers.

We will keep you informed of any updates through the XR Bootcamp's social media channels.

You can Apply now to begin your fellowship journey and stay in the loop!

Great! Please reach out to us via our Discord Channel and contact Ferhan from our support team at any time - XRB#9400

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