Apple Vision Pro Master Class

Learn to create Vision Pro Apps with Swift

July 15 - August 31, 2024

Curriculum & Course Structure

Apple Vision Pro represents the next great leap in spatial computing. This masterclass is designed for developers to build native apps for Apple Vision Pro using Swift or Unity. You'll learn the essentials of visionOS development. By the end of the course, you'll be at the forefront of visionOS development.

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Swift or C#

You should also be familiar with using a modern IDE like XCode, Unity, or Visual Studio.

This course is designed for Unity developers who are already familiar with spatial development in a game engine or SwiftUI developers who want to learn how to apply their existing skills in visionOS.


2990 USD.
0.1 Compare key Swift concepts with C#.
0.2 Learn to use XCode, RealityKit, and Reality Composer Pro.
Goal: Build a moderately complex app for visionOS.
1.1 We’re taking an iPad app and porting it to visionOS.
1.2 Then we’ll add 3D enhancements to take advantage of spatial computing.
Goal: Enhance a 2D app into a 3D app.
2.1 Become a master of RealityKit and how to bring 3D models into your app.
Goal: Build a visionOS shopping app with 3D models of products.
3.1 Learn how to animate your models programmatically and in Reality Composer Pro.
3.2 Also learn about grounding shadows, background effects and other forms of visual excitement.
Goal: Expand on the shopping app by adding visual flair and animations.
4.1 Move (digital) objects around the room with your hands. Make them interact with the world, with gravity, and with each other.
Goal: Build a planogram app for designing store shelves.
5.1 Sharing is caring. It’s also the killer feature of the Vision Pro. Learn how to take advantage of app sharing and learn to work with Personas.
Goal: Toss a ball back and forth with a friend hundreds of miles away.
6.1 Watch 2D videos. Watch 3D videos. Create an immersive theater to watch your movies in. Call a friend and watch together.
Goal: Design your own movie theater to watch 3D movies in.
7.1 World understanding and TabletopKit provide inside-out and outside-in ways to interact with the real world in mixed reality.
7.2 We’ll learn how to use these spatial mapping features.
Goal: Build an app to rearrange furniture in your living room.
8.1 The future of spatial computing involves machine learning. We all know this. In the final module, we’re going to dive into how we can integrate AR with AI.
Goal: This will be a surprise. I promise it will be great.

What You'll Learn

Learn the skills you need to build native apps for the Apple Vision Pro. 

✓ Fundamentals of AVP Development: Master the use of XCode for developing with Apple Vision Pro, understanding app presentation modes.

✓  Advanced Modeling with Reality Composer Pro: Learn to use Reality Composer Pro to create and organize USD models, and integrate them with native apps.

✓ Gesture Integration: Gain skills in implementing the six key gestures of visionOS using Swift to create intuitive interactions.

✓  Realistic Physics and Interaction: Apply physics and colliders in RealityKit to develop realistic interactions and enhance AR experiences with environmental recognition.

✓   App Architecture with visionOS: Delve into professional app architecture using models, AppState, and the ECS pattern to manage app components and state efficiently.

✓   Advanced Features and Performance: Explore advanced development topics such as animations, performance tuning, SharePlay, and multiplayer functionalities to create polished, high-performance apps.

James Ashley

James Ashley, with over a decade in spatial computing, computer vision, and machine learning, excels as a Principal XR Engineer at Project Archer, a pioneering AR startup under Walmart's innovation wing, Store No. 8. His expertise spans developing for advanced platforms like Apple Vision Pro, HoloLens 2, and Magic Leap 2. At Project Archer, he spearheaded the engineering for Walmart's Apple Vision Pro app, actively contributing from ideation to coding. James is also noted for his educational contributions in mixed reality development and his passion for enhancing user interfaces with AI.

James Ashley

Apple Vision Pro Lead Developer at Imaginative Universal

James Ashley

Fabian Quosdorf

Fabian Quosdorf is an XR/MR/VR enthusiast with a passion for interaction concepts and "real-world" applications. With expertise in HoloLens2, Unity, and Unreal Engine 4, he became CTO of Island Labs, an MR studio for interior design and industrial applications. In 2021, he founded his own studio, whose productions were nominated for the famous Auggie Awards. He’s also teaching MR Master Classes at XR Bootcamp.

Fabian Quosdorf

Founder of, Master Trainer at XR Bootcamp

Fabian Quosdorf

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