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Course Essentials

Live Sessions

Meet 2-3 times each week. During each instruction period, ask live questions and get real time feedback.

Hand-Picked Instructors

All XR Bootcamp Instructors are top VR professionals specializing in VR interaction design. They want to know your career and project goals and will give you pro feedback along the way.

1-on-1 Mentoring

Stuck on something? Get unblocked. Get feedback and high quality insights into advanced VR development. We’re here to help you succeed!

Close-Knit Community

Daily contact with your project team. Connect with your next industry colleague or startup cofounder. Troubleshoot with the gang for quick responses. Share opportunities, share your projects, troubleshoot, get job offers, and share referrals.

Project-Based Learning

We can't stress it enough – project-based learning is the BEST way to go from zero to hero in the fast-paced world of VR.

Learn How to Think

Evolve into a quick thinking hacker, learn the secrets of rapid prototyping, and elevate your spatial computing mindset. Fail fast, learn fast.

Access to Industry Guest Lectures

Behind the Scenes: Building Instinctual Interactions on HoloLens 2. XR Bootcamp Open Lecture with Julia Schwarz, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft Hololens.

Behind the Scenes with Magic Leap: Designing Gesture Interaction for XR Copresence – Karen Stolzenberg (Lead Interaction Designer) and Savannah Niles (Lead Product Manger).

Behind the Scenes with Ultraleap: Lessons Learned. J. Selstad (Principle Software Engineer), C. Wren (Global Applications Team Lead, Ultraleap), H. Limerick (User Research/Insights Lead)

What Our Alumni are saying

With a full time job, I already work in Unity for 40 hours a week. However, at the end of the day i still find myself excited to explore the course content and learn new things from the master class.

Ian MackenzieSoftware Engineer , Samsung

I am enjoying this course! The topic, UI ideas and Unity frameworks being shared and explained are very valuable to me. The guest lecturers have been especially good thanks to the quality of speakers, mentors, and class members.

James PowderlyMixed Reality Designer, Snap Inc.

The assignments were very challenging, but we were given a lot of resources and making good use of everything that we had online and all of the mentors which were extremely helpful.

William MillerProject Assistant, Miller Electric Construction, Inc.

XR Bootcamp Financing Options

Worried about paying for your education? Choose one of the options below and start focusing on your VR/AR skills development and exciting career opportunities instead!


Don’t pay for your VR/AR education until after you’ve graduated! We are able to customize your financing for your specific needs.

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Income Share Agreement

Pay nothing until you have a job! We’re committed to your immersive career success and will only get paid when you are as well. We guarantee that you won’t have to pay anything until you have an income!

Inquire ISA

You have savings and want to invest in your education? Pay for the bootcamp up-front. 100% tax deductible.

XR Bootcamp Master Classes

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