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This Could Be Your Portfolio

These are all our portfolio project creation courses we are offering at the moment. They take a few hours of commitment every week and are about 5 weeks long. All of them are based on real industry projects and are taught by high-level working professionals.

Immersive Interactions 5:29

Show off your immersive interaction design skills and impress your potential employer with a great reference!

12th of October 2020

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The Remote Meeting Assistant 3:20

Learn how to create an enterprise-grade augmented reality solution for remote assistance and support.

17th of August 2020

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Process-based VR Training Simulations 6:45

Learn to create a custom VR training simulator like those used by automotive and manufacturing companies worldwide.

1st of September 2020

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Why study at XR Bootcamp?

Project Based

Prepared under the supervision of our Advisory Board, our Curriculum is based on Fortune 500 companies’ real-life industry projects

Global Network

Join our global network of XR Bootcamp graduates and employers. Take advantage of lifelong community support and networking platforms

Outcome Focused

Our global employer network is ready to hire XR Bootcamp graduates. Students get access to portfolio review and personalized career mentorship

Visit our Campus at Factory Berlin

Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park:

We are offering our students a comfortable working environment in a vibrant community of artists, freelancers, startups and large corporates. The VR/AR lab and Factory Berlin community space is free of charge for XR Bootcamp students.

On campus, you will work with the best in class VR/AR equipment, from Oculus Quest and HTC Vive, to Magic Leap and Hololens 2.

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XR Bootcamp Financing Options

Worried about paying for your education? Choose one of the options below and start focusing on your VR/AR skills development and exciting career opportunities instead!


Don’t pay for your VR/AR education until after you’ve graduated! We are able to customize your financing for your specific needs.

Inquire Loan
Income Share Agreement

Pay nothing until you have a job! We’re committed to your immersive career success and will only get paid when you are as well. We guarantee that you won’t have to pay anything until you have an income!

Inquire ISA

You have savings and want to invest in your education? Pay for the bootcamp up-front. 100% tax deductible.


I think XR Bootcamp is really exciting. The idea to take someone that has no knowledge or skills in this specific industry and bring them to a level where they can actually get a job in the industry is really smart and it’s going to be needed.

Samuel HuberFounder and CEO, Admix

The awareness right now for VR is a big need. And I think formal training in VR is a big need so I think it’s awesome that there’s an opportunity like this to spend a real chunk of devoted time learning and growing VR skills that can be added to the market.

Brad ScogginCEO, SpringboardVR

It really offers you the ability to get exposed to all of those skills and really learn all of them in a short period of time. And probably expose you to the professional opportunity that will allow you to start your career.

Lucas RizzottoFounder, Where Thoughts Go

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