Technical Expertise Master Class

Rendering Optimization for Standalone XR Devices

Hands-on. Live, or self-paced. May 3th to June 11th , 2021

Lighting, shading and asset optimization.

Curriculum & Course Structure

Reduce rendering time, master lighting, geometry, texture optimizations and rendering pipelines for smooth performance. Learn professional techniques for creating high-fidelity visuals without taking a hit to performance.

The program is designed for intermediate-level VR developers.


  • Very basic theoretical understanding on rendering
  • Basics of XR development and workflows
  • Basics of Unity editor
  • Basic understanding of shaders, at least theoretical

Tuition Fee: starting at EUR 1599 per student

Please check the curriculum for a detailed outline of subscription options

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Meet Your Instructors

Notably known for merging Art and technology, Vivek has been working with filmmakers to bring them their complex thoughts to life. With a background in film-making, electronics, and Computer Science he has contributed to numerous films during production and post-production. With a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania, Vivek is an active advocate of making art using technology and has been heading a lecture series called “Engineering behind Hollywood.” He is known as the rendering mastermind behind The Lion King, Destiny and many VR/AR titles.

Vivek Reddy, Lion King, Destiny

Ruben is a game developer specializing in optimizing games and experiences made in Unity. He worked on 10+ games and experiences for well-known clients like Ubisoft, Wooga, Audi and Volkswagen. Some of the projects he worked on are Star Trek Bridge Crew (Oculus Quest), Anne Frank House VR, Diamond Dash, Time Stall, Catan Universe, Jelly Splash and Blackguards Definitive Edition. Additionally, he publishes content on optimization on platform, which often gets featured on Gamasutra, and Unity.

Key Benefits

Learn at your own pace

You have access to 40 hours of comprehensive video content. The 6 weeks curriculum is based on an average learner spending 10 hours per week on content + assignments, however, you are free to plan around your personal schedule, and master rendering optimization for VR at your own pace.

Enterprise Level VR Project

The capstone project you will create is an industry state-of-the-art VR project which you can showcase in your portfolio and prove your senior level skills. Impress your lead or client with your newly acquired advanced rendering optimization skills!

Challenging Assignments

Each week, you will receive challenging assignments with increasing difficulty levels leading to your capstone project. Mentors are available to give you short but constructive feedback on your submissions on the community slack channel.

Sample Code Access

Project templates and sample code are provided to you so that you can fully focus on learning to optimize rendering for VR!

Live Mentorship

In weekly technical mentorship classes, you'll apply what you learned in the lectures, hitting your regular milestones on your project. You will get actionable feedback and advice on how to improve your skills.

Proprietary Wiki

Find answers to your questions in our knowledgbase. Search questions and answers asked by other students, learn about potential pitfalls and get guidance on the resources you need.

What others say


Are there any prerequisites to take the course?

Prerequisites to take this course are:

  • Unity Engine experience
  • Math and Geometry for VR Devemopment

Can I participate as a group/company?

Please contact us under for corporate workshops or group discounts.

Will I get to know the others from my class?

In the live classes, you will get to know your classmates. We organize social breaks, team meetings, master-minds, and get-togethers for everyone to get to know each other and build a great new network!

Will I be able to ask questions to the trainers?

If you subscribe to the live mentorship sessions, you can submit all your questions. In the group mentorship hours, you will get time with technical mentors to go over your implementation questions from the lectures and assignments.

Do I need special equipment to participate in the course?

Yes, you will need access to a headset with controllers (preferentially Oculus). Owning an Oculus Quest is optional. Please let us know if you have difficulties accessing equipment. An Oculus Quest 2 is distributed to participants (based on availability and regional accessibility).

How practical/hands-on will the class be?

The class is implementation focused. Students implement a capstone project application from scratch – with the help of sample code and project templates.

How do I know if my level of VR/AR development is sufficient to participate in the class?

After applying, we will interview you in person (online). After asking a few questions, we will be able to quickly tell if you are eligible.