XR Prototyping Bootcamp

Build 4 prototypes and 2 MVP (minimum viable product) for your personal XR portfolio – your skills will be recognized by recruiters and future clients – guaranteed.

8 Weeks, 4 VR Prototypes, 2 MVP

Starting date: November, 2024

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Curriculum & Course Structure

In this XR Prototyping Bootcamp, you will build a truly outstanding XR project portfolio. Each week, you will work on and finish a real industry portfolio project. You can choose from a curated pool of industry use cases fitting your personal profile and career goals.


You have either attended the XR Foundations Bootcamp or have solid Unity and VR development skills. Please schedule a call to assess if you are eligible to attend the XR Prototyping Bootcamp.


XR Prototyping Bootcamp starts at USD 4990.
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Each week, you will work on a new personal industry portfolio project. You can choose from a curated pool of industry use cases received directly from our XR industry network.

The goal is to produce rapid prototypes that cement development skills and design concepts. This process will ensure your portfolio is relevant to the XR industry jobs that you will apply to. You may select your own project or get a recommendation from our mentors, depending on your personal career goals. Self-study, periodical check-ins, and mentorships are the major part of the prototyping course. Recommended total time spent: 20 hours per week.

Twice a week, you have a 1:1 call with your mentor and a 2-hour group mentorship session. In addition, you get access to additional portfolio project-focused learning content (i.e. focus on deployment to different hardware platforms and rapid prototyping workflows). Supplemental videos are available in our library for you to close your knowledge base gaps.

Download curriculum for detailed week-by-week content.
With 4 prototypes created, you will now choose which one to develop further. Pitch your favorite project to your fellow students and build a team or join another student’s MVP development sprint.

In the group, you will learn to define the scope and requirements (functional and dev work), production pipelines, and practice working in a professional dev team setup.

We recommend you spend an average of 20 hours per week working on the MVP. You can always ask questions and connect with others on slack and during co-working sessions. You will also get continuous access to the XR Foundations Course recordings to refer back to and check on course material you may need for certain aspects of the MVP.
Download curriculum for detailed week-by-week content.

In week 7, you will be matched with your career mentor and XR recruiter. Together, you will work on your professional profile, portfolio, and applications (2×30 min 1:1 calls). This includes:

  • Designing and optimizing your resume
  • Boosting your online presence with LinkedIn, Github, and Medium
  • Building a portfolio to showcase your projects in the best possible way
  • Learn to navigate the XR job market
  • Meet with XR recruiters and get matched with opportunities
  • Meet with successful XR freelancers, entrepreneurs, and developers
  • Continuous career support until you get invited to your first XR job interviews!

From building a portfolio to inspiring talks, to 1:1 mentorship sessions, you will be XR employment-ready!

Download curriculum for detailed week-by-week content.

At the end of week 8, you will be invited to our graduation ceremony in Virtual Reality! You will also pitch your MVP to our board of industry advisors and XR recruiters. This is a unique opportunity for you to get your first VR job interview.


Download curriculum for detailed week-by-week content.

Our Students' XR Work

We are proud to showcase our students' work. Each and every one of them presented innovative and brilliant ways to use VR through different industries and platforms.


WordSmash VR

VR Language Learning Game for Pearson

Jonathan Ampiaw, Yubin Wang, 
Divine Ougbuefi

The Hungry Thesaurus

VR Language Learning Game for Pearson

Agnieszka Zielke, Fatma Güreş, 
Ambica Keshvara

Working Traveller

VR Language Learning Game for Pearson

Fatma Betül Güreş

The XR Bootcamp DNA

Your XR Career is our Priority

After successfully finishing the Bootcamp, you will receive the XR Bootcamp Graduation Certificate. However, developers are hired based on the strength of their portfolios. That is our focus - the creation of an impressive portfolio that gets you hired! We also provide you with a portfolio website template that has been used by engineers working at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, connect you with industry recruiters and practice with mock interviews.

Industry-expert personal mentorship

There are hundreds of VR tools and SDKs out there. The curriculum is based on best industry practices and chosen carefully by outstanding XR professionals - saving you hundreds of hours of tedious research. Our senior-level mentors reveal knowledge gaps, answer questions in real-time, and recommend focus areas to speed up your journey. After graduation, you will be a confident XR developer knowing the fundamentals you need to start your XR career.

Get ready for continuous change

The XR industry is fast-moving and rapidly changing. After the course, you will know which updates to keep an eye on, how to utilize SDK and engine documentation, pick up new tech stacks as you go, and most importantly avoid crashes due to platform and tool feature updates. Our library is always up-to-date, don't waste time on outdated XR tool versions, and only learn tools recommended by the most advanced XR professionals.

Access our Proprietary XR Knowledgebase

Based on all our students' questions and previous lectures, we are continuously adding content to our XR knowledge base. With our proprietary tagging system, you will easily find answers to the most common questions about course content and XR project implementation. You will also get continuous access to all the recordings of the classes, in case you need to refresh your knowledge on topics treated in class

What Our Alumni are saying

  • “I can't tell you how much XR Bootcamp changed my professional life / goals for business. Your program is amazing!”
    Chrıstıne Hill Hobbi
    Chief Strategist at ServiceAlliances
  • The course is really exciting and fascinating. It feels like we can use everything we learn here extensively in our projects.
    Davıd Martınez-Moreno
    XR Experiential Designer
  • I highly recommend XR Bootcamp for people trying to improve their VR/Unity skills. Their continuously growing list of courses caters to the needs of everyone.
    Uttam Grandhi
    VIrtual RealIty Software Engineer at NYU
  • The Master Class has been a great opportunity to learn from trainers who are doing some of the most interesting and cutting edge interactions possible on consumer VR today. We are regularly sending our developers to XR Bootcamp master classes to learn the latest XR tech stack.
    Matt Newport
    CTO, OssoVR
  • I was doing my work during the day and I could spend my evenings going through a lesson or doing an exercise and so on. I can see myself actually using a lot of this for any of my projects.
    Kevin Tan
    Irland Norway Unıversıty of Applied Sciences
  • I joined because I have had a huge interest in hand tracking and I know it's exactly the future; I knew this technology would also benefit our clients as well in the future. So I'm getting a head start on this technology to benefit our clients coming up.
    Josette Seitz
    XR Engineer at Accenture
  • Your hands' physics just rocks. 
    Diego fernandez-bravo


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