Build a Mixed Reality Game Inside Your Living Room

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Build a Mixed Reality Game Inside Your Living Room

Learn the foundations of MR development on Quest headsets with Meta's Presence Platform


• To get the most from this course you’ll need access to a VR class PC. Mac is acceptable, but Unity Play Mode testing on the headset will not be supported. 

• You’ll need to install a Unity 2022.3 LTS version and we recommend using Unity Hub.

• Meta Quest 3 is the recommended headset for this course. Meta Quest Pro is also supported, but Meta Quest 2 is not recommended due to some course features being unsupported.

• Knowledge of C# is valuable but not required.

1.1 Meta Presence Platform (PP)
1.2 Mixed Reality Features of Meta PP
1.3 Your GorillaZilla Project
2.1 Set up Your Own Unity Project
2.2 Import and Configure the Meta SDK
2.3 Your First MR Scene using Meta’s Building Blocks
2.4 Deploy Your MR Project to Meta Quest
2.5 Import the GorillaZilla Project
3.1 Introduction to Passthrough Mixed Reality
3.2 Add the Passthrough Building Block
3.3 Customize Passthrough Visualization
3.4 Scene Understanding Introduction
3.5 Position Buildings with the Room Manager
3.6 Access Free Locations with the Room Manager Script
4.0 Introduction to Controllers and Hand Tracking
4.1 Add Controller Support to Your Scene
4.2 Add Hand Tracking Support to Your Scene
4.3 Configure Interactions: Pinch, Grab, and Throw
4.4 Add Poke Interactions for UI
4.5 Add Monster Hands to Your GorillaZilla Game
5.0 Introduction to Movement SDK
5.1 Import and Configure Movement SDK Samples
5.2 Setup Body Tracking and Enhance User Immersion
5.3 Eye Tracking, Face Tracking, and Movement Samples
6.0 Introduction to Voice SDK
6.1 Meta Voice SDK
6.2 Use Mic Volume Detection - the GorillaZilla ‘Roaaaaar’
7.0 What next?
7.1 How to submit your project to App Lab
7.2 Next Steps and Meta’s Start program for XR Devs

What You will learn

Learn to use Passthrough, Scene Capture, and Scene Model.

Integrate spatialized audio for an immersive audio experience.

Learn to use Spatial Anchors and position content across sessions in your home.

Learn to use Interaction SDK, Hand Tracking, Voice SDK, Tracked Keyboard, and Audio SDK.

Use Movement SDK to track your body, face, and eyes and enhance your social experience.

Prepare and release your Mixed Reality game on Meta's App Lab. 

Sean Ong in collaboration with a team of Meta Engineers

Sean Ong is a thought leader who has published on topics ranging from holographic computing to the economics of clean energy systems. Sean has also co-founded several XR startups, including Laborbot and Manuvr Entertainment Inc. Since 2020, Sean is Master Trainer at XR Bootcamp and his youtube channel @SeanOng has over 50k subscribers.

Sean Ong

Founder of Ong Innovations, Master Trainer at XR Bootcamp

Sean Ong, MR, AR, VR, XR

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There are hundreds of VR tools and SDKs out there. The curriculum is based on best industry practices and chosen carefully by outstanding XR professionals - saving you hundreds of hours of tedious research. Our senior-level mentors reveal knowledge gaps, answer questions in real-time, and recommend focus areas to speed up your journey. After graduation, you will be a confident XR developer knowing the fundamentals you need to start your XR career.

Get ready for continuous change

The XR industry is fast-moving and rapidly changing. After the course, you will know which updates to keep an eye on, how to utilize SDK and engine documentation, pick up new tech stacks as you go, and most importantly avoid crashes due to platform and tool feature updates. Our library is always up-to-date, don't waste time on outdated XR tool versions, and only learn tools recommended by the most advanced XR professionals.

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What Our Alumni are saying

  • “I am loving this course!!”
    Julian C.
  • Great instructor who provided clear understanding for both theoretical and practical approaches within the Unity Application. Wonderful resources on moving forward developing the mixed realities.
    Max Edison T K.

  • Really enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to other Unity developers!
    Dan N.

  • I just completed the course, and it was truly fantastic! The course was carefully designed to meet the expectations of anyone interested in Mixed Reality. Not only did the content provide valuable information, but it also allowed us to reinforce concepts with engaging practical examples.
    Hüseyin E.

  • Very insightful, the pace is excellent for newbies.
    Michael D.

  • Made by people who want their students to learn and develop.
    Mir Arafath A.

  • Solid explanation for course material, Absolutely 5 stars.
    Hussam Y.

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