Unity’s ECS: DOTS Master Class

Learn Unity Dots, Hands-on. Live, or self-paced.
April 15 2024 - June 10, 2024

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Curriculum & Course Structure

Learning objective: Mastering Advanced Unity DOTS/ECS

With few tutorials and missing documentation, Unity’s ECS remains a secret to many developers. With this class, you will get access to the most updated knowledge base, fully understand the API and how to use it, build a strong data-oriented mindset, learn to write your custom containers, and optimize execution with SMD structures.

Admission is competitive and designed for Unity developers who want to have a comprehensive and clear understanding on DOTS.


  • Unity Engine Development experience
  • Beginner level DOTS tutorials


The course fee starts at 4990 USD

The Swiss ETH graduate Roger Kung is fascinated by the endless opportunities in VR since 2018. One of the founders of Holonautic, the next-gen VR studio, they have a team of 7 employees working with them on the game Holoception, available on Steam. Roger has a degree in Economics, Life Sciences, and Computer Science, He is eager to go beyond the current standards of VR and build the future of spatial computing. He and Dennys are the creators of the famous hand physics lab, one of the most downloaded games on sidequest!  Roger is keen on sharing their knowledge with you!

Key Benefits

Learn at your own pace

You have access to 20 hours of comprehensive video content. The curriculum is based on an average learner spending 10 hours per week on content + assignments, however, you are free to plan around your personal schedule, and master DOTS at your own pace

Enterprise Level VR Project

The capstone project you will create is an industry state-of-the-art VR project which you can showcase in your portfolio and prove your senior level skills. Impress your lead or client with your newly acquired advanced DOTS skills!

Challenging Assignments

Each week, you will receive challenging assignments with increasing difficulty levels. Mentors are available to give you short but constructive feedback on your submissions on the community slack channel.

Sample Code Access

Project templates and sample code are provided to you so that you can fully focus on learning DOTS!

Live Mentorship

In weekly technical mentorship classes, you'll apply what you learned in the lectures, hitting your regular milestones on your project. You will get actionable feedback and advice on how to improve your skills.

Proprietary Wiki

Find answers to your questions in our knowledgbase. Search questions and answers asked by other students, learn about potential pitfalls and get guidance on the resources you need.

What others say

  • Wow. The way these hand tracking experiments are going there soon won't be any need for hand controllers in VR/AR anymore...Excellent work 
    Mika Saastamoinen
  • Dude, Your videos are the best! This is some inspiring work! 
    Neon Engine
  • Awesome Stuff!
    Seriously. I daydream of this in our future. 
  • I have to try it! A dream came true for VR research! 
    Vincent Goupil
  • You are a VR programming magician and I hope every developer in the future learns something from you. 
  • Your hands' physics just rocks. 
    Diego fernandez-bravo


In the live classes, you will get to know your classmates. We organize social breaks, team meetings, master-minds, and get-togethers for everyone to get to know each other and build a great new network!

If you subscribe to the live mentorship sessions, you can submit all your questions. In the group mentorship hours, you will get time with technical mentors to go over your implementation questions from the lectures and assignments.

The class is implementation focused. Students implement a capstone project application from scratch – with the help of sample code and project templates.

After applying, we will interview you in person (online). After asking a few questions, we will be able to quickly tell if you are eligible.

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