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April 20, 2022

Top 10 VR Assets for VR Developers

One of the biggest sales of the Unity Asset Store is now happening, featuring more than 500 assets at half price! Our developer team at XR Bootcamp went through the list of best VR Assets for you and selected 10 top VR Assets that will kickstart your XR projects!

Are you wondering which ones to choose among hundreds of available assets? We’ve asked our developer team, and made a list of top ten Unity VR assets you should own! 

This asset is a complete solution to achieve the stylish cel-shaded look: shaders, models, image effects, presets, examples.

Some of the features are:

    • Polished Toon / Cel shading with lots of capabilities (see below)
    • Stylized water
unity vr assets
    • Outline effect: depth, normal and color outlines that work both with isometric and perspective cameras.
    • Gradient fog: Multi-stop horizontal/vertical gradient Fog Image Effect.
    • Terrain shader that works with Unity or third party terrain.
    • VR and AR: Full XR support, including Single Pass Stereo Rendering (Unity 2021 or later).
    • Built-in and URP support - Flat Kit supports both rendering pipelines.

Here is the link for the Flat Kit in Unity Store

Some of the features are:

    • Full Body IK system for biped characters
    • VRIK - High speed full body solver dedicated to Virtual Reality avatars.
unity vr assets
    • Baker - tool for baking your IK procedures, animation adjustments, Timeline and Mecanim layers to Humanoid, Generic or Legacy animation clips
    • Biped IK - alternate to Unity's built-in Avatar IK system that provides more flexibility and works in Unity Free with the same API
    • CCD (Cyclic Coordinate Descent) IK

Here is the link for the Final IK in Unity Store

Comes with a fully loaded movement controller that includes smooth movement, teleporting, climbing, static head collision guard systems.

Here is the link for the Auto Hand in Unity Store

    • Advanced Pose Editor with per finger animations and bone mirroring

    • Dynamic Auto Pose Solving using Physics

    • Gravity Gloves or Force Grab style remote grabbing

    • Line Grab - grab anywhere on the line w/ optional grip adjustment

    • Dynamic Auto Poser Live Updates in editor view for quick pose creation

    • Configurable one and two hand strength per grabbable

    • Powerful socket system with easy filtering and auto scaling by mesh size

Here is the link for the Hurricane VR in Unity Store

Top 5 - VR Interaction Framework (VRIF)

This asset makes it easy to create your own interactive objects and be productive quickly. This framework will give you the foundation you need to create polished VR experiences.

Some of the features are:

    • Physical Grabbing and Throwing of objects

    • Buttons, Knobs, Levers, Sliders, Doors, Joysticks, and other physically activated objects
    • A VR Emulator so you can test your project without having to put your headset on.

    • Smooth Locomotion and Teleport, with Snap Turning and Smooth Turn options

    • Custom VR Hands Models and textures

    • Custom Hand Pose Support

    • Two-Handed Weapons

    • Custom PlayerController that utilizes Unity's CharacterController (can be swapped out with your own)

    • Climbing

Here is the link for the VR Interaction Framework (VRIF) in Unity Store

Top 6 - POLYGON 3D Assets

These asset packs by Synty Studios are amongst the most popular in the asset store, and can be a huge help in starting your standalone VR projects

Since they provide hundreds of low poly assets that will keep your games running smoothly in headsets that are not tethered to a powerful GPU.

Here is the link for the POLYGON 3D Assets in Unity Store

Top 7 - VR Hand Models Mega Pack

One of the biggest VR hands pack on the Unity marketplace comes with 8 fully original AAA quality hands for use in any VR project.

Important to note: These are only rigged right hand models and 11 example poses. No Controller System is included.

Here is the link for the VR Hand Models Mega Pack in Unity Store

Top 8 - ArchVizPRO Interior

This asset is one of the most realistic and performant environments you can find in the asset store. It is compatible with VR and it will help you to test and understand how AAA VR assets are made, and what a realistic environment looks like in VR.

Some of the features are:

    • Fully explorable interior

    • More than 200 prefabs
    • VR Desktop Ready (Oculus, Vive)
    • Mobile Ready (Android, iOS)

    • Mobile VR Ready (Oculus Quest)

    • HDRP version

Here is the link for the ArchVizPRO Interior in Unity Store

Top 9 - Sci-Fi Facility Sector 43

Sector 43 is a huge Sci-Fi stand-alone pack that works as well with the successful Sci-Fi Facility. This pack comes with a large demo scene and over 330 models.

Some of the features are:

    • High poly look, low-mid poly models

    • URP and HDRP packs included
    • Change colors and dirt amount at runtime
    • Custom shaders can be adjusted via Shadergraph (HDRP/URP)

    • LOD's for high poly models
    • Suitable for VR

Here is the link for the Sci-Fi Facility Sector 43 in Unity Store

Top 10 - Office and Police Station Pack

High detailed multi-story office and police station environment.

Package includes modular walls, floors and stairs. Interiors are fast and easy to build with included snap to grid tool or alternatively use ProGrids. Change materials easily from all walls and floors.

Some of the features are:

    • All materials are PBR Standard, HDRP Lit or URP Lit.

    • More than 220 objects included.
    • Separate mesh for drawers and cabinets. (No animations included)
    • Separate mesh for drawers and cabinets. (No animations included)

    • BaseColor, MaskMap, Normal and Emissive textures.
    • Demo scene included. (same as in the videos and screenshots)

Here is the link for the Office and Police Station Pack in Unity Store

We hope you enjoy our selection of tip ten VR assets that help every VR developer work more efficiently! Let us know if you’d like to add any other asset!

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