How to Build and Publish Your Mixed Reality Game on Meta's App Lab

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February 19, 2024

In collaboration with Meta, XR Bootcamp launched its first Mixed Reality course on Udemy in December. Now boasting over 4,300 students, the course centers on the Mixed Reality game GorillaZilla, designed to instruct on developing Mixed Reality games using Unity and the Meta Presence Platform.

How to Create Mixed Reality GorillaZilla Games with Meta

If you're thinking whether you could create your own Mixed Reality game like GorillaZilla, the free course offers instruction on using Unity and the Meta Presence Platform to craft an engaging Mixed Reality experience, and further guides you through publishing on the App Lab. For aspiring developers, publishing a project and gathering feedback and reviews from players will prove to be invaluable assets for your career.

What’s Special About GorillaZilla?

The game uses the Mixed Reality Capabilities of Meta’s Presence Platform that will all be taught in the course. This includes: 

  • Passthrough
  • Scene Understanding
  • Smart Object Positioning
  • Hand Tracking
  • Controller Support
  • Interactions
  • Movement
  • Body Tracking
  • Eye Tracking
  • Face Tracking
  • Voice and Audio Detection

What You'll Learn

You will learn how to create a Mixed Reality Game in Your Living Room with Meta's Presence Platform.

Specifically, you will:

  • Learn to use Passthrough, Scene Capture, and Scene Model.
  • Integrate spatialized audio for an immersive audio experience.
  • Learn to use Spatial Anchors and position content across sessions in your home.
  • Learn to use Interaction SDK, Hand Tracking, Voice SDK, Tracked Keyboard, and Audio SDK
  • Use Movement SDK to track your body, face, and eyes and enhance your social experience.
  • Prepare and release your Mixed Reality game on Meta's App Lab.
GorillaZilla MR, VR, AR, XR

Have You Played GorillaZilla Yet?

Turn your entire living room into a concrete jungle and experience being a raging monster as you’re attacked by humanity!

Key Features:

  • Engage in an epic battle across your whole apartment.
  • Defend yourself precisely in a 360-degree battlefield as enemies close in from all directions.
  • Use your hands to grab, smash, and throw objects with precision
  • Roar like a Gorillazilla and eat magic donuts to double your strength!

The game is optimized for Quest 3 but can be also comfortably playable on Quest 2. Please note that this is a demo game, crafted to facilitate learning through the Mixed Reality Course on Udemy.

Play GorillaZilla from Meta Quest App Lab.

GorillaZilla Meta App Lab, MR, VR, XR, AR

Who is behind GorillaZilla?

Creator of GorillaZilla:

Stephen Rogers

Stephen Rogers is a developer and innovator in the VR/AR space, and a winner of the Meta Presence Platform Hackathon with his title "Submersed". Celebrated as one of the Top XR Enablers. Rogers has founded 4th Wall Breakers, a video game studio dedicated to creating unique VR and AR titles. His work includes Brushwork VR and Pillow, nominated as one of the Most Innovative Apps on the Meta Quest store. He is also working on CoasterMania, a Mixed Reality game that has become a viral sensation.

Instructor of Mixed Reality Udemy course:

sean ong xr, ar, mr, vr

Sean Ong is a thought leader with publications on a range of topics from holographic computing to the economics of clean energy systems. Co-founding several XR startups, including Laborbot and Manuvr Entertainment Inc., Ong's YouTube channel @SeanOng boasts over 50k subscribers. Since 2020, he has been a Master Trainer at XR Bootcamp, supported by a team of Meta engineers to develop this course.

Reviews and Feedback from Students

Here are genuine testimonials from our Mixed Reality course students of various levels on how it helped their project development.

"I just completed the course, and it was truly fantastic! The course was carefully designed to meet the expectations of anyone interested in Mixed Reality. Not only did the content provide valuable information, but it also allowed us to reinforce concepts with engaging practical examples. One of the greatest advantages of the course was the clarity in explaining topics and the abundance of practical examples that made it easy to apply the learned knowledge. Meta’s Presence Platform serves as an excellent starting point for those looking to develop their Mixed Reality projects." - Hüseyin E., Unity Developer

"Step by step processes is awesome. The instructor has structured the course so that it's simple to follow along, even if you're a beginner. He helps you understand exactly what you're doing, why you have to follow that step, and alternatives related to the step. In that way, you're learning more about the various technical capabilities and limitations of the system, and creates a better understanding of the full end to end process. I'm really enjoying this course so far" - Chesway Slabbert, User Experience Researcher at Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

"Completed a new course based on the latest Mixed Reality implementation with the Meta Quest 3 and their Presence Platform. Thank you so much XR Bootcamp for setting this up in an easy to follow manner. Next steps would be to create my own experiments in XR!" - Mohit S, Spatial UX Designer at Palatial

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