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Thu, November 18, 2021 7:00 PM CET / 10:00 AM PT

Unboxing XR Dev Careers: Skills for Large Scale XR Projects

In our event series "Unboxing XR Dev Careers", we are speaking with top XR Tech leads from one of the largest XR teams worldwide on stage.

As everyone embraces the virtual world to better connect, extended reality (XR) experiences are growing in popularity—and offering huge potential for a new way of learning and working. Breakthrough technologies are enabling companies, including Accenture, to co-create and prototype solutions—transforming the enterprise as we know it. The future of meeting, learning, and working together will combine physical and virtual experiences. 

The event highlights how the global IT organization is harnessing the immersive experiences XR offers to transcend the physical world and revolutionize how we work. Accenture is extremely committed to VR and helping their clients use XR to drive business impact, for this purpose, they are employing hundreds of VR and AR developers - a team size rarely seen within other companies.
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Thu, August 26, 2021, 7 PM CET / 10 AM PT


Are you looking to get hired into a junior or senior developer XR role and want to know all about tech interviews in the space? Are you looking to become part of leading XR teams and projects in the industry?

Once a month, we are bringing XR tech leads of top 500 companies or large XR teams. They have gone through thousands of CVs, attended hundreds of interviews, and hired tens of developers - and they are cracking the formula of what to learn to become one of the fellow members of these leading XR teams of the industry.
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