Technical Expertise Master Class

Passthrough Prototyping Master Class

For Advanced Developers. June 12 - July 9, 2023

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Curriculum & Course Structure

Prototype alongside engineers working at passthrough platform companies (Meta, Cubism, Holonautic..)
and creators of leading passthrough apps and games.

The program is designed for intermediate to advanced level VR Developers


Intermediate to senior VR Developer (Unity)


Starts at 4990 USD
(payment plans available)
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Best Practices from Experts 

  • Passthrough 
  • Scene API 
  • Shared Anchors
Download curriculum for detailed week-by-week content.

SKD Hands-on

  • Blended Intuitive Interfaces
  • Passthrough Environments
  • Interactions with Anchors
Download curriculum for detailed week-by-week content.

Prototype Alongside Exceptional XR Experts

Roger Kung

Founder & CEO at Holonautic

Dennys Kuhnert

Founder & CTO at Holonautic

Sean Ong

CEO at Dimensions XR

Thomas von Bouwel

VR Lead Developer at Cubism

Passthrough Virtual Buddy & Whiteboard, Dennys Kuhnert


Laser Dance Passthrough, Thomas Van Bouwel

LimitlessVR Shooter, Sean Ong

Chris Rojas

Former Prototyping Manager, Oculus VR

Billy Kwok

Product Designer, Interaction Prototyper, & Assistant Instructor, UC Berkeley

Daisy Chen

UX & XR Designer & Researcher, UC Berkeley MDes

Fabian Quosdorf

Founder of & CTO of Island Labs

Limino: Adaptive Blending for Mixed Reality, Billy Kwok

Virtual scene and Passthrough in Limino, Billy Kwok with Daisy Chen

AR Multiplayer Game in, Fabian Quosdorf

Key Benefits and Learning Objectives

Test and improve your Unity development skills in each prototyping sprint (under senior mentorship).
Prototype Mixed Reality projects based on your ideas and build your passthrough portfolio.
Learn directly from experienced devs and creators working at Meta, Cubism, and Holonautic.
Face and overcome MR-based SDK challenges: (spatial) anchors, room sync, scene understanding, hand tracking.
Passthrough Prototyping Master Class
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