Pearson and XR Bootcamp Partner to Create Flagship VR Prototypes

XR Bootcamp
January 12, 2023

Pearson and XR Bootcamp Partnership

London - 9:00 AM January 12, 2023

Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, and XR Bootcamp, a global online academy offering skill-to-job beginner and advanced VR/AR development courses, are excited to announce their partnership to develop and test various VR language learning app prototypes. 

Pearson and XR Bootcamp have joined forces to create 13 Prototypes and 4 store-ready XR language learning MVPs:

  • Pearson gives students a real project brief and shares their subject-matter expertise on language learning and instructional design methodologies. 
  • XR Bootcamp then assigns each student team a technical mentor and a project manager, ensuring students benefit from getting a real-industry partner and learning how to work in a simulated real-world XR Studio environment. 

COO of XR Bootcamp, Rahel Demant stated:

"Finding the Netflix or Pokemon Go app of VR language learning will not happen overnight. It requires a lot of trial and error combined with market and user feedback which leads to different iterations.

"That’s why we partner with companies looking to prototype innovative XR use cases in concise time frames. Companies appreciate the diverse background of our students, which guarantees creative ideas and getting to know talent as potential future hires."

flagship vr prototypes, pearson

“In just one week, students pitch up to 15 different app prototypes. Our partners usually choose up to 5 of these prototypes to be developed into store-ready MVPs. This process only takes one month. On top of that, prototypers highly appreciate the chance to work with real industry partners and get senior-level expert feedback."

Over the past two months, XR Bootcamp students have developed a diverse range of exceptional VR language learning use cases. Pearson will now use these prototypes for further development and internal user testing. The goal is to validate the most productive language learning experience with fun gameplay mechanics and multiplayer features.

Giovanni Giovannelli, President of English Language Learning, Pearson, said: 

"Combining fun VR mechanics with effective learning experience design requires numerous iterations and lots of feedback from cross-functional experts. 

“It’s been great seeing XR Bootcamp prototypers and trainers work closely with our experienced mentors to coach students and make prototypes a success."

flagship vr prototypes, pearson

"We will use the VR language learning use cases developed by XR Bootcamp for further development and internal research with the aim of improving the experience of learning a foreign language.”

Pearson and XR Bootcamp will extend their collaboration into the future as part of their commitment to improving education, learning, and accessibility of opportunities globally.

About Pearson

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About XR Bootcamp

XR Bootcamp XR Bootcamp is a global online academy offering beginner to advanced XR development courses. Curricula are developed and taught by award-winning, leading VR, AR, and MR professionals. 

XR Bootcamp's courses are for designers, game developers, managers, and coders who want to learn how to prototype XR Applications and learn AR, VR, and MR development. XR Bootcamp further supports the XR Creators community with free and open access to knowledge, peer-to-peer learning, and networking opportunities. 

XR Bootcamp is proud that alumni leave outstanding reviews and work at companies like Accenture, Meta, HP, Autodesk, and Lockheed Martin.  

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Language Learning VR Prototypes

  • flagship vr prototypes, pearson
  • flagship vr prototypes, pearson
  • flagship vr prototypes, pearson
  • flagship vr prototypes, pearson
  • flagship vr prototypes, pearson

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