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Professional XR development experience
Do you need professional XR development experience? Our XR courses are all lead by experienced, senior level XR developers running their own successful XR studios or working at triple AAA XR game companies.

Improve your coding speed and quality
Together with their close mentorship, you will improve your development practice, become more efficient and learn industry-level best practices for developing triple AAA content.

Add high quality industry XR projects to your portfolio
As all our courses are project based, you will be developing XR projects, alone and in groups, and will be able to adding those projects to your XR portfolio.

Why do I need to take a test?

In the end of our Bootcamp, we offer personal career consultancy services to our successful graduates. We also have close connections with XR studios and companies who are regularly looking over our graduate profiles.

We want to make sure that companies partnering with us, only get highly motivated, passionate and highly capable candidates from us. 

By taking the test, you are proving to us not only that you fulfill the prerequisites on a technical level, but also have the tenacity and motivation needed to start your career in the XR industry!
Also if you complete our courses successfully, you will earn a industry-wide professional XR Developer certification to prove your knowledge to senior level recruiters (alongside your portfolio).

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What Our Alumni are saying

  • Wow. The way these hand-tracking experiments are going there soon won't be any need for hand controllers in VR/AR anymore...Excellent work 
    Mika Saastamoinen
  • Dude, Your videos are the best! This is some inspiring work! 
    Neon Engine
  • Awesome Stuff!
    Seriously. I daydream of this in our future. 
  • I have to try it! A dream came true for VR research! 
    Vincent Goupil
  • You are a VR programming magician and I hope every developer in the future learns something from you. 
  • Your hands' physics just rocks. 
    Diego fernandez-bravo


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