Rapid Prototyping in XR

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Learning objective: Mastering Industry Scaled Rapid Protoyping

Fail fast and learn fast. In our 8 weeks hands-on prototyping master class, we will focus on building 5 prototypes and 1 MVP which you can be proud to showcase on your portfolio. A complementary career mentorship will give you the advice and network you need to get the best opportunities.

Admission is competitive and designed for graduates of the XR Foundations Bootcamp.


  • Unity Engine experience
  • Programming experience (C#)
  • XR Foundations Bootcamp


  • Access to a headset with controllers (preferentially Oculus)
  • Access to Unity
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  • Prerequisites to take this course are:
  • Unity Engine experience
  • Programming experience (C#)
  • Access to a headset with controllers (preferentially Oculus)
  • Access to Oculus Quest for hand tracking optional exercise

Please contact us under hello@xrbootcamp.com for corporate workshops or group discounts.

In the live classes, you will get to know your classmates. We organize social breaks, team meetings, master-minds, and get-togethers for everyone to get to know each other and build a great new network!

If you subscribe to the live mentorship sessions, you can submit all your questions. In the group mentorship hours, you will get time with technical mentors to go over your implementation questions from the lectures and assignments.

Yes, you will need access to a headset with controllers (preferentially Oculus). Owning an Oculus Quest is optional. Please let us know if you have difficulties accessing equipment. An Oculus Quest 2 is distributed to participants (based on availability and regional accessibility)

The class is implementation focused. Students implement a capstone project application from scratch – with the help of sample code and project templates.

After applying, we will interview you in person (online). After asking a few questions, we will be able to quickly tell if you are eligible.

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