Beyond Inclusion Scholarship Program: Apply Now And Start Your XR Career in 2024

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November 27, 2023

San Francisco, CA, September 2023 - Announcing the continuation of the Beyond Inclusion Scholarship, an ambitious initiative aimed at leveling the playing field in the XR industry. We're joining forces with Jobs for the Future (JFF) and Unity in 2024. Our collective mission? Tear down any financial barrier and unlock doors for ambitious XR talent.

Target Impact: Supporting 150 XR Talents to Find a Job in the XR Industry

We're dedicated to supporting at least 150 future XR trailblazers each year. The XR Bootcamp pipeline nurtures raw talent and cultivates skilled professionals, offering our partner employers a highly skilled and diverse talent pool.

Reshaping XR Industry with Beyond Inclusion Scholarship

Aligned with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we seek underrepresented talents to make their mark in the XR world. It’s not just about inclusivity; it's about reshaping the industry's future.

Unity's Stamp on Social Impact

As Jessica Lindl, VP Education & Social Impact at Unity, puts it,

Now, more than ever, we have a responsibility to equip young people with the skills necessary for future jobs – providing them with learning that translates to earning.

Why XR Bootcamp?

Rahel Demant, Co-Founder of XR Bootcamp, breaks it down:

Having empowered hundreds of students to thrive in XR since 2020, we've cracked the code on success in the industry. We've fine-tuned a proven upskilling journey in partnership with award-winning XR studios. And now, our Beyond Inclusion program connects graduates with job opportunities and drives diversity and inclusion within hiring companies.

Why We Need Diversity in XR Industry?

Many reports and studies show that high disparities still exist in the XR industry today. According to the latest PEC (Policy and Evidence Centre) report on the creative industries, “class-based inequalities are inextricably linked with gender, racial, disability and spatial disparities,” and earlier research by the PEC has shown how these factors interact to compound disadvantage. Specifically looking at the immersive sector in 2018, the quantitative analysis highlighted that only 14% of VR companies had female directors.

Testimonials from 2022 Graduates

After successfully graduating XR Prototyping and Foundation course with the Beyond Inclusion scholarship, the alumni work in a variety of fields. Here are honest words from our graduates about the course in XR Bootcamp and how the Beyond Inclusion scholarship program helped launch and continue their careers in XR.

XR VR MR AR Divine Ogbuefi as a software engineer at Swing Education

“I was excited for the opportunity to be a part of this cohort and just learn about how, at least as individuals, and then kind of, as we’re saying now at the end of our course, as a group. I can make an impact and create practical usable XR prototypes out of the visions that I have in my mind.” Divine Ogbuefi; now, after graduation, he is working as a software engineer at Swing Education

XR VR MR AR Ahmed Eltayeb as an XR Developer & Doctor at Health Service Executive

“XR Bootcamp is the sort of oasis for VR and AR information. I didn’t have a fleshed-out coding degree and work experience, but I could still push through their easy-to-digest information, assignments, and video lessons. – Ahmed Eltayeb, now, after graduation, is working as an XR Developer & Doctor at Health Service Executive

XR VR MR AR Berenice Terwey working as a freelance XR Prototyper, and Developer at AVK Terwey

“I can recommend everybody to take a course at XR Bootcamp because you get quickly hired for mentors in one-to-one sessions, for example, and excellent knowledge and some tips. Of course, if you would do it on your own, learning all the stuff, it will take much more time, so it’s a real time saver.” – Berenice Terwey; now, after graduation, she is successfully working as a freelance XR Prototyper, and Developer at AVK Terwey

XR VR MR AR Fatma Betül Güneş is a PhD student in the ML4ED (Machine Learning for Education ) Lab

“XR Bootcamp was beneficial because we started with the foundations and then we always built on top of it. First, we had weekly homework, and as long as I could complete that homework, my confidence gradually increased. In the second part, we did the prototypes. And as I saw that whatever I was imagining, I could transition it into a working prototype that was helping me. It’s a real boost in my career.” – Fatma Betül Güneş, now, after graduation, a PhD student in the ML4ED (Machine Learning for Education ) Lab

Become a Graduate in 2024

If you're an XR enthusiast, here's your opportunity to enhance your career. The partial to full scholarships offer a value of up to $8,000 per awardee. 

Our Beyond Inclusion Ambassadors

If you’d like to support us and make this program able to expand globally and continue for many more years, you can always become an ambassador!

Our Beyond Inclusion Ambassadors help us share the message and information about the scholarship. Anyone is invited to join us as an official Beyond Inclusion ambassador. To thank you, we will announce you on our social media channels and website as a contributor. 

Here are four of the many members who have already joined us as Beyond Inclusion ambassadors.

XR VR MR AR Founder, CEO of ShapesXR
XR VR MR AR Executive Producer at Various, Advisor at Wildxyz
XR MR Creator, Consultant on Experiential AR, VR and Metverse
XR VR MR AR Founder of Better World Museum, Horizon Art Museum, VP of Metaverse Development at Third Academy

We thank our Ambassadors for their amazing support and for sharing the information about the Beyond Inclusion scholarship program. 

If you want to become an ambassador, connect with us here!

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Unity is a cross-platform game engine used to create games as well as interactive simulations and other experiences in three-dimensional (3D) and two-dimensional (2D). The engine supports C# as a primary programming language and has been gradually extended to support a variety of desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms.

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